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Get involved with the next generation of rising stars.

Our network of partner employers and organizations is poised to inspire, teach and train the students of Northwest Arkansas. We collaborate with your team to create highly customizable training and mentorship programs.


Designed to expose students to a variety of career opportunities, as well as the training required to pursue them.

Company Tour

Host a tour of your facility, highlighting careers within your organization, a day in the life and student opportunities.

Guest Speaker

Visit a classroom to talk to students about your personal experience regarding your job, company or industry.


Informs a student’s decision-making process, providing them with a deeper understanding of the workplace.

Relevant Project

Assist a local class by designing a multidisciplinary project based on your work, and provide feedback to students on their work.

Competition Judge

Judge presentations or competitions, and provide feedback regarding student mastery of targeted competencies.

Job Shadow

Provide an opportunity for students to observe, discuss and participate in the daily routines of a particular job.


Offer support, guidance and assistance to students as they explore careers.


Activities that support a student’s level of performance relative to particular post-secondary / career readiness learning outcomes.

Resume Development

Review resumes and provide constructive feedback to students.

Mock Interviews

Provide students with constructive feedback regarding their interviewing style and responses.


Provide an opportunity for a student to complete a short-term project in a professional setting.

Teacher Externships

Provide teachers an on-site opportunity to learn more about your organization and industry that they can take back to their classroom to make a student’s coursework more relevant.


Activities that prepare a student for employment in a specific range of occupations, most suitable for grades 11, 12 and post-secondary; Training is often connected to an industry credential or employment.


Help a school design a training program based on your knowledge of the industry and current trends.


Volunteer time to a local school as a subject matter expert in your occupation or field of work.


Donate new or used equipment to help a training program start or grow.


Provide funding for physical space or equipment to help a training program start or grow.

Clinical Experience

Provides an opportunity for students to perform tasks in a supervised, authentic setting.

On-The-Job Training

Provides employee training, for pay, in a work setting.

Work Experience

Provides employability skill training, for pay, in a work setting.


Provides paid or unpaid experience learning. Integrating knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional environment.