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CareersNWA is a toolbox to help build Northwest Arkansas’ workforce for years to come.

Through CareersNWA’s website, industry roundtables and other efforts, students, educators, employers and trainers can each connect with one another, ensuring that workers can get the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Employers, for example, can find the resources they need to create a new apprenticeship program. From the other side, educators can work with employers to build training programs specific for what businesses are looking for.

“We’ve learned that our workforce pipeline starts early with our students. Educators need to be connected with employers. They need real-time projects, real exposure to real jobs, right now,” said Joe Rollins, workforce development director for the Northwest Arkansas Council, who oversees CareersNWA programming.

“We’re also growing skillsets locally, things like early K-12 engagement with our employers, engagement with apprenticeship models, employer training, and then upskilling for current employees,” Rollins said. “We’re trying to help our workforce development system grow from K-12 through adult jobs.”

CareersNWA is the Northwest Arkansas Council’s online hub for connecting students and jobseekers with employers and training programs. The website consolidates the Council’s workforce development and talent attraction initiatives into one streamlined tool that includes a resume builder and thousands of local job listings sorted by industry. Together, these features can help residents and newcomers launch their careers or take them in new directions.

The site’s homepage offers four tracks – students in high school or post-secondary education, jobseekers, local companies and educators – with resources specific to each group. Students can find open apprenticeships and internships, for example, while educators can help certify students’ resumes and find career-prep curricula.

Jobseekers and employers also can both join the Northwest Arkansas Talent Network, which promotes regional job opportunities to its hundreds of members who may be looking for something new and exciting. Employers with open positions can connect to talented workers seeking their jobs and vice versa.

CareersNWA folds in FindingNWA and the Life Works Here initiative, which aim to bolster the region’s profile nationally and give outsiders an overview of local quality of life and cultural amenities.

If you’re an employer, teacher or otherwise want to be involved, find out how at the homepage.