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For Northwest Arkansas workers from all walks of life, the path to a meaningful and successful career starts at George’s Inc.

George’s, a locally founded, family-owned poultry producer that’s become one of the largest in the nation, employs thousands of people in NWA, including those who need a fresh start, said Elizabeth Sullivan, the company’s talent acquisition manager.

“We allow people to apply and give them that second chance in life,” Sullivan said. “We have people that are successful and are able to start their career here.”

Production, supervision, sales, human resources – all of these different departments are in-house, bringing a wide variety of roles and room for advancement. And the company supports employees’ higher education as well.

“If an employee wants to either finish their degree or get a certain type of certification, or if they’re interested in further education, getting a master’s degree, there is a tuition reimbursement program that we do offer for current employees,” Sullivan said. “Longevity, investing in our people and our community is very, very important.”

Amil Cruz, a human resources plant manager for George’s, found those opportunities firsthand after moving from Puerto Rico and joining the company in 2009 with no English-speaking skills. She started as a flour dumper and since then has learned English and obtained a master’s degree in HR management.

“I have been able to grow because they always let me know that I had potential, that I was valued, that I had more to offer,” Cruz said. “If you’re willing to put in the effort, to work really hard, to learn what you need to learn to improve your skills, you have a whole new world to grow. And Arkansas will provide this, George’s will provide this for you.”

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