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Skilled information technology workers are in high demand across the country and especially in Northwest Arkansas.

Practically every company in NWA – including national leaders like Walmart, Tyson and J.B. Hunt – requires reliable IT support employees to thrive. IT professionals are involved with designing, developing, supporting and managing computer software, computer hardware as well as information networks, including the Web.

Northwest Technical Institute’s (NWTI) Information Systems program will prepare job seekers to meet the region’s IT needs.

The Information Systems Diploma Program offers students a well-rounded and hands-on learning experience. This program is tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in various IT roles and provides them with an entry level foundation to kickstart their careers.

The comprehensive training curriculum is designed to equip students with a diverse set of IT skills, ranging from core CompTIA certifications to Microsoft Office proficiency, intermediate database and spreadsheet classes, and essential help desk and IT project management topics. Because NWTI knows that technology is rapidly changing, they regularly connect with industry leaders to discuss what their needs are and remain flexible enough to adjust curriculum to make sure those needs are being met.

“[Students] practice in an environment that simulates a real business, so they’re familiar with those concepts when they go out in the field and they have to support those systems,” according to Molly Colorado, chair of NWTI’s Information Systems Department.

After completing the Information Systems certification program, graduates will be qualified to serve in entry-level IT jobs such as help desk technicians, junior network administrators, junior systems engineers, network support specialists, IT support managers, and more. Historically, 80% of students who complete NWTI’s Information Systems program obtain employment in the IT field.

The amount of IT positions that open up to applicants after just a year of training is merely one of the benefits to completing NWTI’s Information Systems certification. Because of how essential technology is to practically any successful business, those positions often come with a certain amount of job security. Even if you don’t stay in the same position or company, certified employees can experience relief that their skills will likely always be in demand. Additionally, most IT positions, even those at an entry-level, come with a promising salary that provides a great quality of life.

“Graduates of the information systems program will leave [NWTI] with a diploma and be employable in any IT department really anywhere,” Colorado adds.

Technicians trained at NWTI can be found working both at the many high-profile corporations and at smaller companies.

And according to Colorado, those companies contact her constantly waiting for NWTI graduates to be ready to go out and work in the field.

NWTI offers training in the fall and spring and is currently accepting applications for its Fall 2024 class. Applications must be submitted by May 24 and the online application is available here.

Learn more at NWTI.